Presents.....INDIESENT DOT COM, the ONLINE component to IndieSent Exposure, YOUR HARDCORE HIP-HOP WAKE-UP CALL ! The Underground Church of the Most High, Down 2 Tha Last Roach Productions and IndieSent Exposure invite you to feel free to drop in, look around, partake in ALL the Church of The Most High, in the Religion of HIP-HOP has to offer!!!

Listen to tracks from the Newest "Underground" hip-hop OR the OLD SCHOOL originators, see EXCLUSIVE Quicktime and RealVideo Interviews, Video's and more..., LISTEN to EXCLUSIVE RealAudio files! Participate in Interviews, submit articles and/or reviews! As an OPEN RELIGION we invite ALL to participate and help build this site into the NUMBER ONE UNDERGROUND HIP-HOP site around!! To that end we are PLEASED to announce our affiliation with THE PREMIER Hip-Hop NETWORK!!

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Check out some new Eminem/Royce the 5-9 from Game Recordings!! Peace, Brother John


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